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Where Hope May Be Found

(By Dr John Steward) I will mention 5 clues in the quest to find hope. Life in HOPE is a forward-looking emotion. It starts with a feeling of desire, a wish for something –which sounds a bit bland… but Hope can become a confidence in the possibility of its fulfilment.

Hope is found again and again… and again

(by Trish Graham, Australia) My introspection and over thinking can take me to places of darkness. Depression hovers on the horizon of my being. Anxiety has accompanied me for many decades. I have an acute capacity to tune to the deep needs of other people and the deep needs of the Earth and all of […]

My take on hope

(by Trish, Melbourne Australia) The world we live in is complex and there are days it feels like the complexity continues to increase. In the midst of the apparent chaos there is a certainty of hope which arises from the simplest of things. This is where I find my hope.