Hope is found again and again… and again

(by Trish Graham, Australia)

My introspection and over thinking can take me to places of darkness. Depression hovers on the horizon of my being. Anxiety has accompanied me for many decades. I have an acute capacity to tune to the deep needs of other people and the deep needs of the Earth and all of Creation. I can be easily overwhelmed. Learning to live with this and not be crippled by it has been a task of my 70 years of life. Learning to live in the present moment was facilitated decades ago by becoming a bird watcher. Being thus tuned has alerted me to the natural world in a myriad of ways so that I notice so much more than birds. Of late I am learning to escape the confines of my skin and practice a ‘being with’ creation in new ways. When I swim in the ocean as I do daily, I am one with the water and the lift of the waves that carry me into huge exhilaration. When I walk on the earth, I am one with her rich fullness through my feet and when the wind touches my skin, I shed that which separates me and the very Life Spirit which is the air that I breathe surges through me and calls me into Life again and again. I do and must hold my faith that Creation far exceeds my tiny human anxieties and hope, for me, is there.