Alison’s Story of Hope through Women’s Circles

(by Alison, Perth Western Australia)

My contribution to the stories of hope is in facilitating women to gather in circles as women have done since ancient times. These are circles of healing and transformation.

They hold space for women as they awaken to the divine feminine, their own innate wisdom and appreciation of the true beauty and power of their bodies, minds and souls.  There is a deepening into their connection to and love of Mother Earth and Her sentient beings.

The women are held in a safe and confidential circle as they share their stories- warts and all- and become empowered to become more fully who they are called to be. The women are often inspired to step into the ancient women’s roles as guardians of Mother Earth, life givers and midwives of the sacredness of life and as wisdom keepers who leave a legacy for following generations.

In these circles of hope and transformation together we laugh, cry, sing, dance, tell stories, craft and weave rituals and our souls are woven whole.

And so, we become powerful agents for hope and change within ourselves and for the whole earth as we sit in circle together.