My take on hope

(by Trish, Melbourne Australia)

The world we live in is complex and there are days it feels like the complexity continues to increase. In the midst of the apparent chaos there is a certainty of hope which arises from the simplest of things. This is where I find my hope.

There is no doubt that we live in a complex world. We are in the grip of a Global Pandemic which is causing much pain and suffering throughout our human world. While a vaccine has been found it appears that the poorer countries are having less success in procuring supplies. We are also walking toward tipping points in the Earth’s systems and perhaps have already crossed a few. Our leaders are trying desperately to reduce our carbon output to slow down this process. The Climate Emergency is here and along with it the sixth extinction of many species on Earth.

So, where do I find hope in all of this? I find it in my daily spiritual practice. In this practice my focus is to participate in the act of rebalancing Earth. I walk alongside other sentient beings and Mother Earth herself in this goal. This also gives me the courage to support projects like those of planting trees, Re-wilding places that have had the life taken out of them due to our human footprint. This is restoring places to become once again the ancient native forests of our past. It is restoring balance in the very breath of the Earth. We all can find hope in the small things we choose to do each day and my prayer for you is that you may find hope in the simple things you do. We are all connected to all things and each other so what you do, no matter how small does count.